Preconstruction Services

The preconstruction phase plays an important role in the successful completion of any project. In this stage, it is critical to establish goals based on a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the project. Thorough preconstruction services can result in savings in cost and schedule, as well as preventing future problems which may arise during the construction phase.

Levine Builders' project management and estimating staff is responsible for supporting the project and design teams during the preconstruction phase by providing the following:

Budget Report
Cost Estimates
Project Schedule(s)
Value Engineering Analyses
Site Logistics Plan
Feasibility Studies
Procurement Planning and Contracting Plan
General Conditions Requirement

Construction Services

Upon commencement of the construction phase, Levine Builders' team of experienced professionals will work together to ensure that all aspects of this process are effectively controlled to ensure a smooth running and successful project. The scope of services provided during the construction phase include:

Bid Review, Evaluation and Recommendation
Subcontractor Procurement
Cost Control
Coordination of Project Meetings
Monitoring of Conformance to Design Requirements
Project Schedule Updates
Change Order Management
Review of Monthly Requisitions
Facility Commissioning

Guaranteed Maximum Price

Levine Builders will provide to the Owner, at 90% complete construction documents milestone, a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and date for Substantial Completion of the Work. A GMP may be provided at an earlier stage in the design process depending on the quality of the documentation; the contingency would be proportioned to reflect this earlier design stage. Included in the GMP is the Cost of the Work which is inclusive of all trade costs, general conditions, insurance, fee and contingency percentage.

Before entering into a GMP contract, Levine Builders and the Owner will meet to review this proposal, any inconsistencies or inaccuracies discovered by the Owner must be presented and appropriate adjustments made to the GMP. A GMP contract must be accepted by the Owner in writing on or before the specified date, as well as verbal notification of this acceptance. The GMP contract becomes fully executed once signed by Levine Builders.
The sum of the Cost of the Work and the Fee is guaranteed not to exceed the sum set forth in the GMP and is subject to additions and deductions by Change Order as agreed. Individual line items are not guaranteed, only the overall aggregate cost. In the event the Final Cost of the Work is less than the GMP, the savings are shared, in accordance with the terms specified in the executed Contract.